Lars Goran Petrov, the legendary frontman of Entombed/Entombed AD dies

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We are devastated to hear that our beloved friend Lars-Göran Petrov has died. This is the official statement from Entombed AD Facebook page:⁣⁣
“Our brother, leader, vocalist, our Chief Rebel Angel went on another ride last night. It’s with the deepest sadness that we have to announce that Lars-Göran Petrov has left us. He was (is!!!) an incredible friend, and a person that has touched so many people. He has changed so many lives with his voice, his music, his character and his unique personality. LG’s smile is something that we will carry forever in our hearts. When asked in an interview what he would like to have written on his grave and what about his legacy, he said: "I will never die, it will never die". And you didn’t. You will live forever in our hearts. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
R.I.P. LG Petrov.”


LG Petrov had a rare condition of bile duct cancer. Agoraphobic News sends deepest condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. He is one of the reasons why Swedish death metal sounds the way it does. His growls are unmatched! Lars Goran Petrov was born on February 17th 1972. His father was born in Macedonia (former Yugoslavia). Lars Petrov started his career as a drummer for a band called Morbid, under name “Drutten”. His partner in crime on vocals in Morbid was none other than Per Dead Ohlin. After that, he became the growler for Nihilist (pre-Entombed). His screams can also be heard on Comecon – Megatrends in Brutality.


Lars Petrov’s crushing vocals can be  heard on the following Entombed albums: Left Hand Path (1990), Wolverine Blues (1993), To Ride, To Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth (1997), Same Difference (1998), Uprising (2000), Morning Star (2001), Inferno (2003), Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments (2007). With his new band, Entombed AD, he appeared on Back to the Front (2014), Dead Dawn (2016), and Bowels of Earth (2019). He was also a singer for Firespawn: Shadow Realms (2015), The Reprobate (2017), Abominate (2019).

The very first time I heard Entombed AD live was at their show with Grave in 2014 in Belgrade. I was blown away by the band’s performance, especially by the beyond godlike growls of our death metal hero. I was priviledged to meet him in person back in 2019 at Exit Festival and interview him as well. He was such a down-to-earth, pleasant guy. He also gave me a drink after our chat. You can see our interview with LG Petrov here. We also have some photos from that performance thanks to our photographer @artnokmas. I hope that he is jamming with his ex-bandmate Per Dead Ohlin! Pay the respects to the legendary growler by cranking up some Entombed to eleven! REST IN FESTERING SLIME!


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